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When you struggle with acne, it feels like it affects every aspect of your life. It’s embarrassing to go out, your skin feels sore, and your self-image takes a heavy knock. You may have tried other solutions before that have stripped your skin of its natural oils, left your face dry and flaking, or worse – with more pimples.

You need a gentle and natural alternative.

ACTIV O2 provides the solution. Our products use the miracle of ozone therapy to heal your acne and you can see results in as little as 24 hours. These results are long-lasting and even offer your skin added protection against the elements – which leaves your skin nourished with more moisture and results in less aging. You can say goodbye to bleaches, scrubs, fragrances, and harsh chemicals that damage your skin.

You may think this sounds too good to be true, but this worldwide first has been clinically proven and the results speak for themselves. The energizing action of ozonated organic plant oils has the potency to neutralize the damaging effects of free radicals and promotes wound healing. This means that even your old scars will start to heal.

ACTIV O2 neutralizes bacteria that are linked to recurring acne and eliminates toxins, fungi, and bacteria by releasing oxygen. This same action activates the regeneration properties of skin-healing cells. Ozone-infused soaps and creams release oxygen which activates the growth of new cells, and it’s also a natural disinfectant that has been used in surgeries for decades. So killing the bacteria on your skin is simple science.

Ozone (or O2) is a naturally occurring gas. Oxygen is released from plants and rises into the atmosphere where the sun’s ultraviolet radiation converts it into powerful ozone. As this sinks back to earth it cleanses the air as it falls. If it comes across moisture, it forms hydrogen peroxide in the raindrops. This is why the air smells so fresh and clean after it rains.

This same technique works with your skin. The ozone clings to the moisture in your cells and forms that clean, refreshing hydrogen peroxide that is responsible for the transformation. The bacteria dies and your skin generates new, healthy cells. Your pimples (which was basically your body’s way of fighting infection) disappear, and scarring heals naturally as your skin regenerates.

The treatment is effective on all skin types and colors, is 100% natural, and is not tested on animals. ACTIV O2 uses the genius of nature to heal your skin and protect it from infection in the future. No more pills, scrubs, and painful skin peels.
Now you can step back into the world with confidence, and look and feel your best. Naturally.

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