It’s easy to feel like you don’t have control over your breakouts. But the fact is, you do in most cases, says Andre Nepper, a master clinical facialist at Activo2 Skincare in Johannesburg, South Africa who specializes in converting challenging skin into glowing complexions. Acne is a “tremendously embarrassing and burdensome problem” for about half of the women who book…

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Experience the secret of a natural acne solution

When you struggle with acne, it feels like it affects every aspect of your life. It’s embarrassing to go out, your skin feels sore, and your self-image takes a heavy knock. You may have tried other solutions before that have stripped your skin of its natural oils, left your face dry and flaking, or worse – with more pimples. You…

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When you get thirsty

When you get thirsty, do you go to the tap or refrigerator for a drink of water without giving it a second thought? What if you found out that the tap water you use every day for drinking, cooking, and washing could potentially harm you? Studies found that potential cancer-causing agents are in almost every municipal water system in the…

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