Discover the power of Activ O₂ oxygen technology

Welcome to a new age of skincare and wellness. Inspired by nature and perfected by science.


Our products are made from natural, non-toxic ingredients that are healthy for the skin.


Activ O₂ products are vegan and cruelty-free. We do not test on animals.

Visible Results

Activ O₂ produces visible results with 24-hours of use, regardless of your skin type.


Our Activ O₂ range is free from preservatives, perfumes and toxic additives.

What Is Activ O₂® Technology?

The secret to beautiful flawless skin is oxygen. ACTIV O₂® produces near-miraculous results against most types of common skin breakouts and blemishes, using simple, effective, natural skin-loving technology.

ACTIV O₂’s effectiveness is based on the energizing action of ozonated and ozonized organic plant oils which have a potent ability to neutralize damaging free radicals and fight premature skin aging. Notice a visible difference within just 24 hours of use. 

ACTIV O₂ promotes wound healing and reduces the appearance of new or existing scars and, used daily, delivers advanced protection and moisturizing support for the epidermis.


Skincare Technology That's Taking The World By Storm

A New Age Skincare Solution

Say Goodbye To Bleaches, Scrubs And Harsh Chemicals

The Skincare industry has entered a new age, with a focus on natural remedies that offer freedom from harsh side effects.

After decades in the industry, we studied the emotional effects of acne and skin blemishes and how they impact human self-esteem. It became our passion and calling to make a difference. Finding a real natural solution without side effects.

After many years of research and lab tests, we can proudly give answers that are lasting and true based on scientific facts.



How Does ACTIV O₂® Work?

Finally A Skincare Solution With Natural, Healthy Indredients

How To Use ACTIV O₂®

A Simple Skin Regime With Only Three Steps

The most critical part of combating skin breakouts and blemishes is sticking to a longterm and sustainable skincare routine. Lengthy, time-consuming, and complex skincare routines comprising multiple products can often be difficult to stick to, which can impact results and cause the reappearance of skin care conditions. 

Say goodbye to time-consuming skincare routines and say hello to ACTIV O₂®

Simply follow the easy three-step instructions below.

Step 1

Wash face with ACTIV O₂® Skin Breakout Cleaning Bar of Skin Breakout Face Wash

Simply splash skin with lukewarm water and rub the ACTIV O₂® SKIN BREAKOUT CLEANSING BAR or SKIN BREAKOUT FACE WASH between your hands, smooth the lather over your skin focusing on the most affected areas.

Rinse thoroughly.

Avoid the eye area. In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately.

Step 2

Smooth On ACTIV O₂® Skin Breakout Lotion Or Cream

Apply in upward, circular motions the gentle, moisturizing, high-performance ACTIV O₂® SKIN BREAKOUT CLEARING CREAM or LOTION.

Wait a few minutes allowing the cream or lotion to penetrate the skin then Follow-up with sun-protection or non-comedogenic make-up according to your daily routines. That’s It.

Step 3

ACTIV O₂® Intensive Spot Treatment - Pure O3 Healing Balm

Apply the ACTIV O₂® INTENSIVE SPOT TREATMENT – PURE O3 HEALING BALM on the problematic or affected area in a circular motion.

When applied to a specific spot, your skin absorbs the ozonide into the tissues which results in toxins and lactic acid becoming oxidized and released from your pores. This and its antibacterial qualities make it a useful natural treatment for skin breakouts and blemishes while it can be used effectively to help many other skin problems such as eczema and psoriasis.

Please Note: This Powerful combination of Ozone and extra virgin Olive oils is very concentrated and should be used Sparingly. 

Our Happy Customers


"In two days have really noticed a significant different"

- Hannes, from South Africa


"I have real acne problems. I started using Active O2 products and after the first week, I was so amazed! "

- Terry, from South Africa


"Its taken me 30 years to find a product that I can trust and that works! I love using it on my face and body everyday"

- Nicolette, from South Africa


"Since using Active O2, I cannot use any other product! Thank you for your quality product, it really works!"

- Vanessa, from South Africa

Welcome to a new age of skincare and wellness

The Skincare Solution You've Been Searching For


All-NATURAL – Intensive and therapeutic applications

  • Effective relief from burns, insect bites/stings, rashes, irritation, fever blisters, blemishes and recurring skin ailments.
  • Reduces scar tissue and improves wound healing from cuts and burns.
  • Soothe and decrease redness in the skin caused by Rosacea.

Proven Results

Ready to start enjoying healthy, clear skin?

Benefits of ACTIV O₂®

Simple, Effective, Natural Skin loving Technology

A skincare revolution that delivers

ACTIV O₂®’s effectiveness is based on the energizing action of ozonated and ozonized organic plant oils which have a potent ability to neutralize damaging free radicals and fight premature skin aging. In fact, you WILL notice a visible difference within 24-hours.


ACTIV O₂® Skin breakout clearing regime does multi functions for the skin, Beside combating acne and skin blemishes It helps to increase cell turnover, which speeds up the rate at which skin grows. This enables fast repair of damaged skin cells and increases collagen production which makes skin smooth and youthful.


Promotes Anti-Aging

ACTIV O₂®, when used as directed you will see a reduction in blemishes and age spots. Your skin will feel firmer, smoother and nourished for healthier and brighter looking skin in just a few days. It’s a gentle, yet potent, hydrating formula which works on all skin types whether its oily, dry or sensitive.


ACTIV O₂® delivers solutions to many of the biggest problems of acne prone skin. The advanced ingredients in ACTIV O₂® help to restore healthy skin balance and hydration and much more.

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