Ruffled sleeve dress


A grouped product is a cluster of simple products clubbed together to form a single entity. The grouped product won’t have a price or other features. The identity of the grouped product is created by a number of child products that have unique features of their own. As soon as you create a grouped product, you can add at least one child product to the grouped product. Your customers can purchase any of the child products from the grouped product individually as well. eg: A set of six glasses.

You can select the option ‘Grouped product’ from the drop-down menu and specify the products you are linking together. There is no need to set a price for the Grouped product as it will be dependent on the child products.

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To combat Acne and skin Breakouts For a lasting healthy skin

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We believe in combining the beauty of nature, with the intelligence and results-orientated approach of science. We are passionate about developing products that offers fast-acting, effective, organic solutions for healthy skin, and lifestyles. We pride ourselves on producing visible and lasting results for the people who choose, and use our products.

Activ O2 Skin Breakout Clearing range is probably one of world’s most advanced natural acne solutions ever formulated.


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