Textured cotton-blend dress


Similar to virtual products, downloadable products also don’t require shipping. They are available as a downloadable file with a specified path or URL. In most cases, there will be a limit on the number of downloads of such products. In a seemingly ironic way, WooCommerce allows setting shipping options for downloadable products. This is in fact to include the scenario where you want to send a packaged version (like a CD) of the product to the customer. If your product is only downloadable and has no physical version, you can mark it as a virtual product.

Similar to virtual products, you can tick the specific checkbox while creating downloadable products. An additional step while creating downloadable products will be to specify the file path and other details like user access restrictions.

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To combat Acne and skin Breakouts For a lasting healthy skin

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We believe in combining the beauty of nature, with the intelligence and results-orientated approach of science. We are passionate about developing products that offers fast-acting, effective, organic solutions for healthy skin, and lifestyles. We pride ourselves on producing visible and lasting results for the people who choose, and use our products.

Activ O2 Skin Breakout Clearing range is probably one of world’s most advanced natural acne solutions ever formulated.


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